Multi-purpose Rust Remover Spray 2 PCS


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The car shell can rust quickly. But with RUSTEO you get rid of rust instantly and prevent it from reappearing. Whether you own a new or old car, a van or a truck, RUSTEO is there to protect your vehicle against rust!

To be used to treat even the inside of the car shell, lubricates door hinges, protects side panels, sheet metal from the inside of fenders, hood, trunk, joints and welds.
RUSTEO penetrates deeply, wicks away moisture, dissolves corrosion and leaves a clean coating without using toxic materials! Don’t worry, with RUSTEO, your vehicle is in good hands!
RUSTEO contains an active factor that promotes the rapid decomposition of grease and rust, it can also be used on chrome, magnesium, aluminium, stainless steel and other metal surfaces. To be used for screws, bolts, nuts, moving parts, axles, hinges, chains, garden tools etc.


  • Effective against rust.
  • Instantly removes rust and fine particles from the metal surface caused by atomization/oxidation.
  • Ideal for car wheels: removes rust on rims and wheels and dissolves brake dust
  • Applies to chrome, aluminium, stainless steel and other metal surfaces to restore gloss.
  • Perfect for extending machine life.
  • Lubricates door hinges and eliminates squeaking
  • Leaves a protective coating on the treated surface to prevent further oxidation.
  • Versatile: Works on most metallic materials, including car wheels and rims, worktops, dishwashers, oven racks, stainless steel housewives, etc.
  • Lightweight and odor-free formula



External Testing Certification: CE
Origin: PRC


One size only


Product size: 1.5 * 2.7 * 6.7 in
Product weight: 3.38 oz


2 * Rust Remover Spray


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