Remote Control Duplicator 3 PCS


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This universal remote control duplicator is able to make a copy of any key in just a few simple steps!

Duplicate your existing remote control for cars, sunroofs, garage doors, electric gates, heating systems, wireless anti-theft devices, etc. All in just a few seconds!

No need to worry about your privacy and safety being compromised. This duplicator works with a special technology that only allows key copying one-by-one, along with a password for each key that is stored and protected individually.

It features high transfer sensitivity and no signal blocking.

Furthermore, you can easily take it anywhere thanks to it’s key chain design that copies any key on the go!


  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DUPLICATOR: Duplicate all your existing remote controls
  • ABCD FOUR BUTTONS: copies respectively four different types of chips, therefore operates four different types of installations.
  • FIXED FREQUENCY: works for 315/433 MHz fixed codes and learning codes; transmission distance is 50-100 m (open space)
  • SPECIAL KEY COPYING TECHNOLOGY: The password for each key is stored individually and is 100% reliable.
  • SMALL AND EASILY TRANSPORTABLE: Size of a key chain, attaches easily to your key chain. Sliding button protection cover to prevent accidental or unintended operations.


Product Material: ABS
Voltage: 6 V
Current rate: 12mA
Product weight: 25g
Installation: wireless
Frequency: 315 MHz / 433 MHz
Modulation method: ASK (amplitude modulation)
Wireless distance: 50-100 m (open)


One size only


Product size: 2.17 x 1.18 x 0.59 inches


3 x Remote Control Duplicator


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